Enero 11, 2015

Isn’t It Amazing?

Isn’t It Amazing?

Isn't it amazing how kids get happy because of simple things? Like, they smile every time they see something fascinating.

Isn't it amazing how much we loved playing when we were kids?

Isn't it amazing how we cried just because we scraped our knees from running or falling down?

Isn't it amazing how kids have problems that adults don't even have time to care about it because they are so simple?

Isn't it amazing how we all wanted to 'grow up' when we were kids, for the sake of experiencing more? We hoped that we would still have our 'scraped knees' as our problem but instead of that, we've had our hearts broken because of wrong choices, wrong relationships, wrong decisions and all other kinds of wrongs.

Isn't amazing how we all wanted to 'become a kid again' when we grew up?
We thought that being an adult will get us everything in life. But we lost a lot. Just for the sake of aiming 'happiness' without caring for the people around us.  Instead of gaining more, we've lost our friends, our colleagues and ourselves.

We were dumb.
We were selfish---to the point that we wanted to turn back the time for ourselves.
Isn't it amazing that we were wrong again?
It has always been like this.
Screw life.



January 7, 2015.

People from different nations have trended #JESUISCHARLIE on different social networking sites, in memory of the Paris Shooting Incident. ‘Jesuis Charlie’ means ‘I am Charlie’ (someone who fights for his/her rights by using a pen or in other words, a journalist)

12 people died because of the massive shooting incident in Paris, France.
These people are journalists, cartoonists and writers from Charlie Hebdo.

The said publication have been under the surveillance of the Islamic society because of its satire, insulting yet truthful cartoons.

I will not be sugar coating this incident by writing “The people from Charlie Hebdo deserves to die because they were against different religions…” because they were free to do so. They have every right to say their thoughts through literary pieces such as their cartoons.

I do not want to say hurtful things against the Islamic Faith. Because as much as I want to oppress and condemn the people who are liable on this occurrence, I am afraid --- that I am not different from the murderers. The ‘religious ones’ who were finding fault at the citizens who does not believe the faith they want them to believe, and by killing the people and using religion as an excuse. It is inhumane and I do not want to be labeled as a ‘religion hypocrite’ like them.

I do not belong to free thinkers, Atheists, Theists, Agnostics, Buddhism, Muslim, Catholicism, Hinduism and many more, but on God alone. I am a Christian journalist and my faith is compelling me to respect other people’s rights. I would not blame the people of Charlie Hebdo for enjoying the freedom of speech.

Oh wait… were they really FREE? 

(Illustrated by David Pope)

Where is freedom? Where is justice? Where is humanity? Where is peace?

We were not even free to begin with. Although we remain tough, we could not hide that the society is controlling us in whatever we do.

Every year, thousands and thousands of journalists are killed because the people wants to stop them from publishing their reports and opinions about politics, religion and other sensitive topics that is evident in the society. They want us to be quiet. They want us to hide the darkness of the world. They want us to hide the truth. They want the people to believe the half-assed media. They want us to believe the ‘manipulated truth’.
Too bad for them because we will not let this go anymore.
Even if we are going to be killed, we have chosen to fight- with our pens, with our minds, with our souls, with our bodies.

And I believe that God will be with us as we face this warfare.

Join the campaign “#JesuisCharlie”.

(Pens are held up as a support for #JESUISCHARLIE.

Agosto 07, 2014

Zhang Li Yin-Agape (English Translations by Me)

Watching love as it accumulates bit by bit into an ocean
Looking at the ocean as it flows day by day towards the future
I will be here to say good morning to you every day
I will also be here to light up the night with love

I have never left, Oh love
No matter how many obstacles or frustrations,
Do not be afraid of wasting the time spent waiting for me

Kissing you my love...
Please remember love’s monologue
Overcome the distance, and you will see true love

Happiness is in my embrace and in your reliance
Breathing in, when you close your eyes from the frustrations,
When you wake up from dreaming, please remember that I’m holding you in my arms
Accompanying you, warming you up with love

I have never left, Oh love
No matter how many obstacles or frustrations
Do not be afraid of wasting the time spent waiting for me

Kissing you my love
Please remember love’s monologue
Once you cross the distance you will see real love

Oh the love that was shattered, it cannot be buried.
Once we meet again
We will forever love each other

I have never left, Oh love
No matter how many obstacles or frustrations
Do not be afraid of wasting the time spent waiting for me

Kissing you my love
Please remember love’s monologue
Once you cross the distance you will see real love

Please believe that in the future we will be together
Never to be separated

Kissing you, my love
Please remember love’s monologue...

I love you, forever...
Always by your side..
I will not leave you..

Agosto 05, 2014

My past lies in here.

Everything I've been through....

is written here.

I don't want to remember everything because I feel abused and hurt. Not because I still love him.
But because I never loved myself when I was with him.
I poured out every love that I've had and in the end, he got away with it.

How should I make my heart whole again?

Guess what...
I found the answer.

It's by letting go. 

And letting go means I'm not going to be affected by everything that has happened, hence, I will treasure everything I've learned during the 2 years of the wrong love.

It's nice to see myself smile again.
It's nice being free.
Because after all, I learned that I deserve to be happy.

Abril 17, 2013

Kahit naman anong pilit o anong sabihin ng ibang tao, hindi ka magbabago.

Ikaw lang ang nakakapag-desisyon at nakakagawa nun. 
Hindi mo kailangan i-please lahat ng tao.
Hindi naman sila ang dahilan kung bakit ka buhay ‘diba? 
Bakit ka nga ba nandito sa mundo?
Siya lang ang kailangan mong i-please sa buong buhay mo. :)
Mabuhay ka para sa nag-iisang Diyos na nagligtas sa atin. Hindi para sa ibang tao na walang ibang ginagawa kung hindi, magpakasasa o magpakalubog sa mga makamundong bagay. :>

Abril 03, 2013

Hindi ko maintindihan. Ewan.

April 4, 2013

Marami akong ginawa para pasayahin ka.
Marami akong sinakripisyo para mapangiti kita.
Marami akong sinabi upang matauhan ka.
Marami akong ibinigay upang makuntento ka.

Anong nangyari?

Hanggang dito na lang ba?

Pakiusap naman at ito'y pag-isipan mo pa.
Ang iyong nais ay hindi ko kaya.
Bakit nga ba?

Ano ang nagawa ko?
Bakit kailangan pang umabot sa ganito?

Oktubre 26, 2012

 “So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”